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Shadow ITHave you heard of Shadow IT?

You might have heard of it mentioned as “Rogue IT” or even “Stealth IT”, and the common definition is the same – unauthorized use of software and hardware within an organization. When this is happening, not only is the user putting themselves at risk, but they’re also opening up their entire business to a world of issues.

What could go wrong?

The potential problem are endless; when an issue comes up with a software that your team hasn’t properly implemented or doesn’t understand, the mess made can take a lot of time – and money – to clean up. No one wants to be responsible for that disrupted workflow, or the potential harm to your businesses reputation when major damage is done.

Perhaps the biggest potential issue is that when you’re using shadow IT, issues will arise without the staff even knowing. According to CompTIA’s “5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing”:

  • 36% of cloud applications are purchased by line-of-business buyers
  • 12% of companies reported that buyers do not consult with the IT department, or provide them with approval on cloud purchases

Statically, other unauthorized software being used includes:

  • PC software and hardware
  • Linux software
  • Apple/Mac products
  • And many more

Are the Risks Really Worth It?

When issues arise with technology, you need IT experts to ensure everything is properly handled and accounted for. Our IT team offers experience as well as a wide range of knowledge, so you always get the support you need.

It can be argued that not all shadow IT is a bad thing – it can also empower organizations to push the envelope and start working with cutting edge technology. Indeed, many solutions will lead to greater efficiency as well as improved collaboration and productivity. A great example is DropBox, which is a free solution that’s offered to absolutely everyone.

Small companies don’t always have an IT department, leading executives to try out different technologies in hopes of finding the most cost-effective solution for their issues. In different cases, this could be lead to either triumph or a disaster.

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