Did you know 89% of businesses have already adopted or are planning to adopt a ‘digital-first’ business strategy? This means 89% of businesses are aiming to embrace digital transformation to achieve better business outcomes. In fact, check out how many businesses have already implemented these innovative technologies:

  • 58% are using big data/analytics
  • 59% are using mobile technologies
  • 53% are using a public cloud solution
  • 45% are using a private cloud solution
  • 40% are using APIs and embeddable technologies

Where do you stand? Have you implemented the innovative technologies listed above? If so, that’s a great start. If not, you don’t want to wait too long and risk falling behind. Here’s where things get tricky… The adoption of these innovative technologies doesn’t necessarily mean you’re digitally transformed.

It’s about more than simply implementing digital products and services – you need to use those products and services to impact processes and the way they’re created, enabled, and managed. Think about digital transformation in terms of security: appliances can be hard-wired to detect already-known threats, right?

We want appliances hardwired to detect already-known threats AND the underlying threat models, in order to detect changing and future threats. In the simplest terms, our technology needs to stay ahead of our evolving needs as businesses – enabling us to do more and achieve more at all times.

Book Your Complimentary Strategic IT Consultation Now – Our Team is Waiting to Help You Achieve True Digital Transformation!

Our team is here to help you achieve true digital transformation. We’ll make sure you’re using information technology properly – allowing you to connect with your customers and surpass the expectations they have of you. Our strategic IT advisors will work with you to:

  • Review your current challenges and struggles with technology
  • Identify vulnerabilities and weak points in your infrastructure
  • Discuss your short and long-term business goals
  • Find ways to meet and exceed those goals using technology
  • And much more

Upon creating a strategic technology plan, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be involved enough to ensure your company never risks its livelihood due to technical missteps. You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition (and the expectations of your customers!)

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