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A Business Continuity Plan is Vital to be Prepared for the Unexpected!

No business can afford downtime. The loss of momentum, productivity, sales, and profit is enough to seriously injure, if not completely destroy a thriving business. So why is it that companies across the nation haven’t embraced and integrated a solid business continuity plan? The answer, it appears, is simple. They don’t think it will happen to them. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Every day, businesses like yours face upheaval and lost revenue as a result of:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power Outages
  • Criminal Acts
  • Human Mishaps and Error
  • Powerful Storms

Our business continuity service gets your IT ready to face these daunting challenges and keep running.

Forward-thinking business leaders, like you, have already gotten on the business continuity bandwagon. They have seen the statistics and understand the necessity of building a wall around their business investment.

What do we include in your business continuity service?

  • Planning – By creating strategic policies and procedures, we can help you and your staff continue to operate effectively and efficiently should your business become affected by an emergency.
  • Scheduled and Comprehensive Backups- Automatic daily backups ensure that your data is up to date and stored both onsite and virtually in the Cloud. These procedures keep your data easily accessible from anywhere by WiFi in the case of disaster or interruption.
  • Regularly Tested Systems – Your backup systems are monitored as a part of our regular managed services. However, by testing the backup systems and the related business continuity organizational procedures on a regular basis, we can ensure that your business is prepared for whatever nature, criminals, or human error may throw at it.

Whatever comes, you can be ready and keep on running with our business continuity service. Your investors, your employees, and your future depends on full preparedness. If, because of unexpected circumstances, you cannot use your IT or your facility, Amnet can have you working again within hours at another location via WiFi and virtual machines.

Don’t be reactive to IT emergencies. With our help, you can lead your business to plan ahead proactively for interruptions and disasters. We have more to tell you! Contact Amnet today.

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