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The Cybersecurity Solutions You Need To Make Your Business A Fortress Against Cybercrime

Every Colorado business has to face the growing threat of cybercrime. You’ve heard it on the news and read it in the papers – small to mid-size businesses are being targeted. So what can you do about cybercrime? Well, you could buy off-the-shelf antivirus software, have a computer repair technician install it, and hope for the best. That wouldn’t be wise, but you already know that. You’re on the Amnet site because you want professional IT and cybersecurity strategy, implementation, configuration, and monitoring.

After all, that’s what your business deserves.

Since 1998, the Amnet team of IT professionals has been caring for the cybersecurity requirements of businesses like yours throughout Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Pueblo, and Fort Collins.

Why Partner With A Team Of Cybersecurity Professionals?

  • You want to protect your business investment.
  • You don’t want to put your employees’ jobs at risk.
  • Your business can’t afford extended downtime.
  • Your clients’ confidential information cannot be compromised.
  • You have a reputation to protect.
  • You don’t want criminal syndicates to get their hands on your personal and financial data.

What Cybersecurity Options Does Amnet Offer?

Securing your business is not a cookie-cutter process. Each organization has a unique technology setup, and so IT security solutions must be carefully tailored to each company.

Here are some of the IT security solutions that we’ll leverage to keep your business safe from online threats such as ransomware, adware, spyware, and hacker intrusion attempts.

Penetration Testing

Everything today seems to be connected to your business network.

You’ve heard that even those simple things around the home like Internet-connected thermostats and baby monitors can be hacked and used against us.

Just think about how many more security gaps may be lurking in your business network…

In society’s effort to simplify home and work life, it has made the job of securing all the possible attack vectors a virtual nightmare.

This is where Penetration Testing comes into play.

You see, we’re good people who know how bad people operate.

We know the entrance vectors that they exploit to gain access to your systems, and we know how to close those holes before they are utilized by criminals.

How does Penetration Testing work?

We use specifically designed tools that mimic a wide variety of attacks used by criminals. These tools indicate where your systems are failing you, so we can suggest a strategy to address vulnerabilities caused by technology and processes.

Even people can become a vulnerability. Employees mistakenly open the wrong email or click on a link that they shouldn’t and in so doing become a part of the problem. We help employees understand what to look for and avoid by implementing phishing testing and training.

The Penetration Testing tools we use harness the power of fake attacks against your web applications, software solutions, network, WiFi, and mobile applications to assess your risk level. Once we have completed the run of simulated cyber attacks, our system generates a report that shows us each of the places where your systems can be fortified.

Why partner with Amnet for Penetration Testing?

  • You can’t patch a hole unless you know that it’s there.
  • You don’t know how your employees will respond to an attack unless you simulate one.
  • You can’t be HIPAA or PCI compliant without Penetration Testing.

Network Audit

In simplest terms, a Network Audit helps us understand what you have, how it’s working, and how we can help it work better.

When the Amnet team of IT professionals partners with you, we will conduct a Network Audit. This is a survey of your entire IT ecosystem and gives us the hard numbers we need to establish a baseline and to devise a strategy for your IT management moving forward.

What does a Network Audit survey?

A network audit is a thorough review of your IT system’s performance, management, availability, control systems, and security. It surveys the processes used by your business technology to spot:

  • Inefficiencies that can be remediated
  • Protocols that can be made more effective
  • Compliance strategies that can be strengthened
  • Hardware that is unused, overtasked, or underutilized
  • Hardware that is past its lifecycle and in need of replacement

The final Network Audit report gives us a virtual roadmap of your entire system – hardware and software. This is the equivalent of a checkup visit to your doctor’s office – a full reporting of your IT system’s health.

IT Remediation

From the moment that we get a phone call, an alert from your monitoring systems, or an email from one of your employees informing us that something isn’t quite right, our focus becomes all about getting your systems back to an optimal state.

Although we make IT Remediation look easy, that is not the case. Each IT problem must be carefully analyzed to discover exactly what went wrong – so we can determine the right course of action to correct the issue.

What are some of the common areas in need of IT Remediation?

  • Network Lag
  • Connectivity Shutdown
  • Computer Function
  • Data Loss
  • Server Issues
  • Application Error
  • Virtual Machine Issues

In the end, IT Remediation does three things:

  • Enhances Your Efficiency
  • Aligns Your IT With Your Goals and Processes
  • Improves Your Security Posture

IT Reports

Not every company leader cares about regular IT performance reporting, but for those that want to keep tabs on the health of their IT environment, we provide a full spectrum of IT Reports.

With IT Reports generated by the Amnet team, you will gain valuable insight into how well your computers, network, cloud assets, and mobile devices are serving your organizational goals.

Our IT Reports will give you metrics and show you logs on vital system data such as:

  • Performance Analytics
  • Application Availability
  • Incident Reporting
  • System Availability

HIPAA, PCI, and CJIS Compliance

Each industry has its own set of compliance standards. Added to the complexity of those is legislative compliance that impacts some industries more than others.

Regardless of how much or how little IT compliance concerns impact your day-to-day operations, they should be top of mind when thinking about your IT systems and processes.


If your IT systems aren’t fully compliant, your company could face severe penalties – we don’t want that to happen.

Partner with Amnet and let us worry about the IT side of HIPAA, PCI, and CJIS compliance.

Never again will you have to fear a compliance audit or wonder if your compliance reporting has been managed correctly. We will take care of the IT side of your compliance requirements so you can spend your valuable time growing your company and investing in the future.

Let’s get started – contact the friendly Amnet team now at (719) 442 – 6683.

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