Is Your Team Prepared?¬ Best Remote Work Practices to Follow
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Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more organizations are opting for eligible employees to work from home. However, team members have additional considerations above and beyond taking company-issued devices home and clearing a space at the dining room table.

Is your team prepared to work from home safely and productively?

Here at Amnet, we wanted to share great tips to help your employees make a smooth transition.

Keep Security Threats Low

Business owners and decision-makers need to ensure clear communication to all employees regarding best practices while working remotely.

  • When possible, use organization-issued hardware and mobile devices (as opposed to personal devices)
  • Log into internet-based websites and business applications using password-protected networks
  • Be extra mindful of phishing campaigns in your email inbox, as it might require extra effort to authenticate requests
  • Use encryption to share data when possible
  • Do not allow family members or guests to have access to your hardware
  • When in doubt – call your manager or your IT professional

Keep Productivity Up

Do your employees have access to these tools to recreate the work environment?

  • 2 monitors
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Headset
  • Access to all desktop business applications
  • Supplemental data storage (if cloud-based options are unavailable)
  • Remote access to document editing and sharing software
  • Basic office supplies

Remote access is actually pretty easy. However, secure remote access requires extra precautions. Don’t expose your organization to an IT threat (hackers) just because you’re responding to an environmental risk (coronavirus).

Have Amnet, Colorado Springs Business Journal’s 2019 Best Cybersecurity Company and 9-time winner of Best IT Support Company help you provide secure remote access right.

To schedule a complimentary IT assessment, or if you have questions regarding secure remote accessibility, please contact us today.

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