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Give Your Team the Support They Need to Give the Community the Support It Needs.

When your job is to provide much-needed public services, you can’t afford to have disruptions or delays. Even a minor IT issue can create a huge problem when it keeps your team from working effectively – and downtime of any kind is not an option.

Break/fix IT solutions are only there to solve a problem that has already happened, and can’t combat the common causes of lost productivity and efficiency.

Full-service, professional IT management

With full-service, professional IT management from Amnet at your disposal, you’ll never need to worry about your important technology letting you down.

  •  IT Management – Your systems will be monitored around the clock, ensuring that your technology is consistently running at peak performance.
  • Cyber Security – Protecting your internal network and systems against infections and intrusions is critical. Keep your systems and data secure with the latest cyber security technology and support.
  • Specialized Industry Knowledge – Having IT support and having IT support that understands the demands of your sector are two very different things. It’s a small but important distinction that can make a very big difference.

Municipal Water, Wastewater, and Sanitation Districts

The Amnet team has firsthand experience installing and maintaining SCADA, the most popular application choice for water and sanitation management.

Whether you are in need of reliable support for your existing infrastructure or need a custom SCADA server built to meet your department’s requirements, Amnet has you covered.

To learn more about Amnet call (719) 442-6683 or email: info@amnet.net

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