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Pandemic Plundering: How Hackers Are Cashing in on COVID-19

Is your company an elite competitor? Or do you lose opportunities to your peers? They aren’t better than you. Businesses that reach Olympic levels of success have best-in-class partners managing their IT. Their managed IT service provider keeps technology and the business up and running, and proactively prevents cybersecurity breaches. Helps them leverage the suite of apps in Microsoft Office 365 and brings peace of mind through business continuity. They offer strategic advice to their cloud consultant. Be a business Olympian, call Amnet at 719-638-9675.

5 Rings of Cybersecurity

Password Risks, why multi-factor authentication is a must.  Stolen passwords are central to most breaches. Organized crime is financially motivated. Why use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

  • Passwords alone are not enough.
  • Password reuse is very common
  • Compromised credential breach
  • Credential stuffing attacks
  • The primary goal of 70 percent of these sophisticated attacks in 2018 was to obtain user credentials according to Proofpoint research
  • Mitigates identity theft
  • Renders stolen credentials ineffective

Phishing and spam emails vastly outnumber legitimate emails.

  • On average 70%-80% of all email is either spam or phishing attempts
  • 1.1 million emails per month and only 230,000 are legitimate
  • Employees are constantly bombarded with emails that ask them to enter their credentials

Read more about password maintenance.

Password Risks Why Multi factor Authentication is a Must

Avoid Hackers: Hey business owners, hackers pretend to be you in emails they send to your employees. The emails request money or sensitive information. The hackers attach artificial videos and audio files of “you” and it sounds and looks like you. Why would your team ignore that? Their simple reply lets cybercriminals extract every last dollar from your business. We want you to keep your money. See how we can help.

Learn how to create and maintain strong passwords.

Avoid Hackers – Cybercriminals Pretend to be Business Owners

Avoiding Common Email Phishing Traps

Would you open these emails?

  • Zoom scheduling error
  • Changes to your health benefits
  • Amazon action is required, your prime membership has been declined
  • Stimulus cancellation request approved

These are subject lines from successful phishing scams. Would you have avoided all the traps? What about your employees? Don’t leave it to chance. Keep your company, staff, and data safe from cybercriminals. Stay safe and contact us.

Learn about cybersecurity breaches in 2021.

Avoid Common Email Phishing Traps

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